Pennsylvania State Team Updates

Regional Collaboratives

As Pennsylvania joins the National Community of Practice of Supporting Families throughout the Lifespan, our strategy is to encourage and support collaboration at the local and regional level, thus embracing the broad and rich diversity that defines Pennsylvania's character: diversity in geography,demographics, cultures and ethnicity, history and traditions, and local identity. With counties initiating the lead in bringing stakeholders together in their naturally-connected communities where families live, the vision is that those "Regional Collaboratives" will collective discovery strategies to truly support families so that they can best nurture and support their loved ones in having full, meaningful everyday lives in their communities. As the Regional Collaboratives are identified, more information and opportunities to get involved will be announced. Stay tuned!​ 

View more information on the Community of Practice and LifeCourse Framework.  For more information on Pennsylvania's involvement in the national Community of Practice, to learn how you can be involved, or to request a presentation for your organization or staff, contact Nancy Richey at or call 717-783-1003

PA Family Network

​A major element of PA's statewide strategy of supporting families is the launch of the PA Family Network. With 20 family members as Family Advisors, the PA Family Network will be holding workshop sessions across the state where families can learn about the LifeCourse principles and tools that can help them build everyday lives for and with their family members. The PA Family Network will also support opportunities for families to connect with one another locally, as well as learn to navigate the various supports and services they encounter throughout the lifespan. 

For information on the PA Family Network, or to schedule family workshops in your area, contact or call 717-839-5437 or 1-844-PA FAMILY.

Last modified: Thursday, February 9, 2017, 3:48 PM