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Tips for Supplementing Communication While Wearing a Face Mask

Covering the majority of the face can make it difficult to convey emotion and communicate with others. It is important to be conscious of the communication that is lost while wearing a face mask. Below are some tips to supplement communication. Try different tips based on the needs of the person you are interacting with.

Be patient

Get the other person’s attention before speaking

Make eye contact, if possible

Use context clues within the situation

Take off sunglasses and hats to allow the other person better access to your face

Ensure adequate lighting

Be aware of your environment – Move away from noises and distractions, if possible

Speak louder – Masks tend to muffle sound

Use short, simple sentences

Speak face-to-face and at eye level

Clarify if you are unsure what the other person is saying

Use gestures or real-life objects – Wave, point, give thumbs-up, and so on to reinforce what you’re saying

Use your body language to accentuate your emotions – Such as head tilts, head nods, and your posture

Be aware of and use your eye brows to emphasize communication

Write it down if you need to – Thicker dark letters on white paper are more easily seen from 6 feet away

Use some sign language that is commonly known such as thank you, please, and sorry

Use a clear face mask!

Posted 9/21/2020 2:34 PM

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