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Training content is specific to topical areas identified in the 55 PA Code 6100, section §6100.143. In order to help meet the requirements, ODP offers the following training content which may count towards annual training. Use of these specific trainings are not required if your agency provides agency-sponsored or agency-identified training that meets the Annual training requirements of the 55 PA Code 6100.

Trainings are organized by topical areas identified in section §6100.143 and are arranged by credit hours offered. You may only receive one certificate for each training offered, even if the training is offered in multiple topical areas.

Assisting Individuals

Community Integration

Individual Choice

Individual Plan for HCBS or Base-Funded Services

Individual Rights

Person-Centered Practices

Preventing and Reporting Abuse

Trainings coming soon...

Recognition and Reporting Incidents

Trainings coming soon...

Safe Use of Behavior Supports
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