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Charting the LifeCourse

Franklin/Fulton Collaborative Contact

Lori Young, AE Program Specialist, 

Communication and Meetings Structure

Stakeholder meetings held quarterly. 

Goals, next steps, or action plans

Develop resource guide and hold quarterly trainings from the PA Family Network. Our QM goal is to reach 20 families per year.  Launch the Community of Practice Resource Guide and develop an user friendly version electronically. Continue the quarterly trainings from the PA Family Network. Continue to attend community fairs to promote the Life course framework.  Other events are recorded on 2019-2020 tab.

AE/SCO/Provider/DHS/Broad Community Partners Represented within Collaborative:

ODP, Information and Referral/ 211, 4 providers, SCO, Fulton County Family Partnership, ASERT, Franklin/ Fulton MH, Franklin/ Fulton EI, CASSP, Franklin County Aging (open), MH/IDD/EI Advisory Board Member, IM4Q local program member (open), LINK Coordinator (open).  We are recruiting for community partners at this time also as many of our partners have left their positions.  Waiting to see what innovation area they wish to work on.