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The Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) is pleased to share news of the publication of the 55 Pa. Code, Chapter 6100 Regulations. These regulations are new rules that strengthen services to individuals with intellectual disabilities or autism and their families.  Current regulations regarding licensing were also revised to align with Chapter 6100.

The new regulations help to support individuals so that they may live and participate in their communities, achieve greater independence, and are better able to enjoy the same type of opportunities and life as all Pennsylvanians. Additionally, these regulations promote person-centered approaches, community integration, personal choice, quality in service delivery, health and safety protections, employment, accountability in the utilization of resources, and innovation in services design.

The published regulations appear in the Pennsylvania Bulletin, Volume 49, Number 40, published on Saturday, October 5, 2019.

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Bulletin 00-18-01 published 4/13/18:
Guidelines Concerning Sexual Health, Personal Relationships, and Sexuality

Communication 19-034:
Requirements Regarding the Number of Individuals Served in Licensed Facilities that Provider Community Participation Support or Day Habilitation Services

Bulletin 00-18-04 published 7/25/2018:
Interim Technical Guidance for Claim and Service Documentation

Communication 19-018:
Chapter 6100 Quality Management Planning Requirements for Adult Autism Waiver Supports Coordination Organizations and Providers

Bulletin 00-17-01 published 6/20/17:
Quality Management Strategy of the Office of Developmental Programs

Communication 19-127:
Investigations by an ODP-Certified Investigator Required by Chapter 6100: ODP’s Expectations and Implementation Strategy

Bulletin 00-14-04 published on 04/08/2014:
Accessibility of Intellectual Disability Services for Individuals Who Are Deaf


PA Bulletin: Rules and Regulations: Title 55—Human Services: Home and Community-Based Services and Licensing

Chapter 6100: Section Effective Dates, Training and Communication Plan

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