FBA Post-Test

Taking and passing the required post-test is the final step for professionals who are working to meet the FBA training requirement. In order to access the test, trainees must first watch a brief BAS FBA Test Instructions video.

After you watch this video, click on the Live FBA Training Confirmation link, and enter the following information:

The first and last name of your Trainer 

• The dates of the training 

• The location of the training

Once you enter and save the requested information, a link to the test will become available. 

Please note this is a TIMED test. You will have 90 minutes to complete the exam. It is strongly recommended that you use all of your allotted time and review responses carefully.

If the test is not passed in two attempts, the face-to-face 13-hour training must be retaken before the test can be accessed again. If you did not achieve a passing score on your first two attempts, and have retaken the 13-hour training with an approved trainer, submit a request for a test reset to the MyODP Help Desk or email BAS: ra-bastrainings@pa.gov

NOTE: If you do not pass the exam in two attempts, do not create a second MyODP account in an attempt to take the test again. Trying to circumvent the system is considered cheating and breaks the code of professional ethics.

FBA Training: Post-Test Instructions Video

Live FBA Training Participation Confirmation 

FBA Training Post-Test

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