Behavioral Specialist

This section contains the required virtual trainings for Adult Autism Waiver (AAW) and Adult Community Autism Program (ACAP) Behavioral Specialist Services providers.

At the end of each training you will receive a Certificate of Completion. That certificate will need to be kept on file at your agency.

These trainings will provide you with an:

• Understanding of FBA from a multiple theoretical perspective

• Introduction to developing appropriate goals and objectives (as linked to the BSP information)

• Understanding of the importance of prioritizing and collecting data

• Understanding of the ways in which people with ASD may use behavior as a form of communication and ways that we can address this skill deficit.

• Understanding of how data can be measured and described

• Overview of FBA Data Collection tools

• Overview of BSP/CIP Development and entry into HCSIS through a case study

• Introduction to Analyzing Data and Making Instructional Decisions

Required Trainings

Behavioral Specialist Service Training 101 (BSS101)

Behavioral Specialist Service Training 102 (BSS102)

Additional Trainings

Periodic Risk Evaluation (PRE) Training

Goal Attainment Scaling (GAS) Training

BSS Goals and Objectives Reflecting GAS Format

Provider Manual - January 2016

Behavioral Specialist Resources: Virtual Targeted Trainings

From FBA to BSP/CIP Development

Collaboration between Behavioral Specialists and Supports Coordination

Staff Influence on Challenging Behaviors

AAW Behavioral Specialist Services Manual

BSS Provider Qualifications

Implementing Behavioral Support

Targeting Behavioral Needs

Behavior Support and Crisis Intervention Plans

Case Study: BSP/CIP Development & Entry into HCSIS

FBA Summary Report

Application of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)

Behavioral Specialist Services: Importance of Prioritizing and Collecting Data

Restrictive Procedures: A Basic Overview for Behavioral Specialists

Restrictive Procedures: A Basic Overview for Behavioral Specialists

What to do when the going gets tough: Tools for the Behavioral Specialist

Positive Behavioral Support and Lifestyle Changes and Interventions

AAW Provider Supervisors: Logistics

Graphing Resources: Graphing Videos & Quick Reference Guides

Analyzing Data and Making Instructional Decisions

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