ACT 62 Behavior Specialist Licensing

This section contains virtual trainings approved by the Office of Developmental Programs' Bureau of Autism Services (BAS) for Professionals who are applying for the Autism Insurance Act (Act 62) Behavior Specialist License. The courses are organized within the eight content areas defined in the law.

To download a listing of the trainings available in each content area, click here.

Assessments Coursework or Training (AS)

Autism Specific (AU)

Co-Morbidity and Medication Training (CM)

Crisis Intervention Training (CR)

Ethics Training (ET)

Family Collaboration Training (FC)

Instructional Strategies & Best Practices (IS)

Skill Deficits (SD) - Addressing Specific Skill Deficits

Additional ACT 62 BSL Resources

This section contains information about the requirements for professionals interested in applying for the Autism Insurance Act (ACT 62) Behavior Specialist License (BSL). This section also includes information for providers interested in submitting trainings to the Bureau of Autism Services for evaluation toward the ACT 62 BSL requirements.

Questions about the license and the application process should be referred to the State Board of Medicine, P.O. Box 2649, Harrisburg, PA 17105-2649, Phone: (717) 783-1400, email For general information about ACT 62, including resources that have been developed for families of children and adolescents with autism, visit the DHS website:

Autism Insurance Act (ACT 62) Informational Resources

Obtaining BAS Approval for BSL Trainings

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