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The Advocacy Alliance Sexuality and Sexual Expressions in Individuals with Developmental Disabilities This training provides a general overview on the goals and benefits of Sexuality Education. This training features: Physical Sex, Emotional Issues, and Sexual Expression; Rights and Health Benefits of Sexual Expression; Sexual Pharmacology; A Sexuality Curriculum for Persons with Developmental Disabilities. (Basic) 1
The Advocacy Alliance Stress Management This training discusses an overview of Stress Management including ways to cope with or manage Stress. This training features: Stress Management by definition; Acute versus chronic Stress; Psychological effects of Stress; Physical effects of Stress on major body systems; Coping strategies. (Basic) 1
The Advocacy Alliance Summer Safety This training provides an overview of issues surrounding Summer Safety. This training features: Dehydration, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke by definition; Risk factors for heat related illness; Medications affecting heat regulation; Prevention strategies;Drug-induced photosensitivity; Skin cancers; Allergic reactions to stinging insects; Anaphylaxis. (Basic) 1
The Advocacy Alliance The Urinary System and Catheter Care This training provides information on the Urinary System and Catheter Care. This training features: How the Urinary System works; What can go wrong with the urinary tract; What is urinary incontinence and retention. (Basic) 1
The Advocacy Alliance Tube Feedings This training provides an overview of Tube Feedings. This training features: Purpose of Tube Feedings; Short term and long term Tube Feedings; Processes related to conditions requiring Tube Feeding ; Complications of Tube Feedings. (Basic) 1
The Advocacy Alliance Tuberculosis This training provides an overview of Tuberculosis. This training features: Ways to prevent contracting Tuberculosis; Common symptoms of Tuberculosis; Treatment of Tuberculosis.( Basic) 1
The Advocacy Alliance Understanding Brain Injury This training provides an overview of Understanding Brain injuries. This training features: Symptoms of a possible Brain Injury; Major causes of Brain Injury; Ways to prevent traumatic Brain Injury. (Basic) 1
The Advocacy Alliance Universal Precautions This training provides an overview of Universal Precautions. This training features: Routes of transmission by infected agents; Elements required for the spread of infection; Protective barriers to prevent transmission of infected agents. (Intermediate) 1
Central PA (Geisinger) Aging and Developmental Disabilities After completing this course, learners will successfully be able to: (1) describe the main changes that occur with aging; (2) differentiate natural aging with disease processes; (3) discuss factors that affect aging. 0.5
Central PA (Geisinger) Alzheimer’s Disease After completing this course, learners will successfully be able to: define Alzheimer’s Disease. list signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s with developmental disabilities; identify care giving tips when working with Alzheimer’s clients; identify the three stages of Alzheimer’s. 0.5