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The Advocacy Alliance Healthy Nutrition and Weight Management This training discusses the importance of Healthy Nutrition and Weight Management in disease prevention. This training features: Components of Healthy Nutrition; MyPyramid@, Steps To A Healthy You; Healthy food choices; Weight management. (Basic) 1
The Advocacy Alliance Heart Disease This training provides an overview of Heart Disease for men and women. This training features: Heart Disease by definition; Common forms of heart disease; Heart facts, risk factors, and signs and symptoms; Treatment and/or management strategies. Basic 1
The Advocacy Alliance High Blood Pressure or Hypertension This training provides an overview of High Blood Pressure or Hypertension. This training features: High Blood Pressure or Hypertension by definition; Risk factors and treatments for High Blood Pressure; Ways to help individuals reduce their Blood Pressure. (Basic) 1
The Advocacy Alliance Impulse Control Disorders (ICD) This training provides an overview of Impulse Control Disorders. This training features: A definition, characteristics, possible causes, and categories of ICD; ICD characteristics and treatment; Kleptomania, Pyromania, Pathological Gambling, and Trichotillomania characteristics and treatment; ICD not otherwise specified. (Basic) 1
The Advocacy Alliance Intermittent Explosive Disorder This training discusses an overview of the psychiatric diagnosis of Intermittent Explosive Disorder (I.E.D.). This training features: Intermittent Explosive Disorder by definition; Behavioral manifestations of aggression; Treatment options. (Basic) 1
The Advocacy Alliance Interpretation of Blood Work This training provides an understanding of why certain blood tests are performed and how often an individual should have blood levels drawn. This training features: White and red blood cells by definition; Hemoglobin, hematocrit, and platelets discussion; Various chemistry screens. (Basic) 1
The Advocacy Alliance Lyme Disease This training provides a basic overview of Lyme Disease. This training features: Lyme Disease by definition; Symptoms, causes, and risk factors; Diagnostic and screening tests; Treatment options and prevention strategies. (Basic) 1
The Advocacy Alliance Medical Errors: What You Don’t Know This training offers an overview of Medical Errors, one of the Nations’s leading causes of death and injury. The training explains how Medical Errors are resulting from problems created by today’s complex health care system. This training features: Medical errors by definition; Medication errors, hospitalizations errors and surgical errors; Best practices to identify, analyze, minimize effects, and sustain interest in medical errors. (Basic) 1
The Advocacy Alliance Medication Errors This training for direct care staff complements ODP’s recently revised medication administration program. This training features: Medication Error by definition; Importance of “standardization of medication administration”; Basic principles of medication administration; Importance of observation, documentation, and reporting medication side effects and errors; Common elements that lead to medication errors; Staff interventions that may help to reduce Medication Errors. (Basic) 1
The Advocacy Alliance MRSA – Methicillin Resistant Staphyloccus Aureus This training provides an overview of MRSA, a strand of bacterium for which common antibiotics are ineffectual. This training features: Evolution of MRSA into the community; Colonisation versus infection; Universal Precautions; Preventative measures and screening. (Basic) 1