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The Advocacy Alliance Cholesterol This training provides an overview of Cholesterol. This training features: Cholesterol by definition and the relationship to Cardiovascular Disease; Causes of elevated Cholesterol; Treatment and preventative measures. Basic 1
The Advocacy Alliance Communicable Diseases & Preventable Immunizations This training provides a general overview of Communicable Diseases. This training features: The role of vaccines in the prevention of diseases; The recommended adult immunization schedule; An overview of Communicable Diseases. (Basic) 1
The Advocacy Alliance Communicating with the Non-verbal Individual This training provides a general overview of Communicating with the Nonverbal Individual. This training features: Effective interpersonal communication; Challenges experienced with nonverbal communication; Strategies to support individuals who are nonverbal. (Basic) 1
The Advocacy Alliance Compromised Skin Integrity This training provides a general overview on the importance of Compromised Skin Integrity. This training features: The role of the skin as an organ; Interventions that reduce the threat to Compromised Skin Integrity; The stages of skin breakdown; Barriers to healing; Risk factors for altered skin integrity. (Basic) 1
The Advocacy Alliance Cultural Diversity This training provides an overview of culture, cultural diversity, and cultural competence. This training features: The value of cultural competency; Biases that may be a barrier to increase cultural competence. (Basic) 1
The Advocacy Alliance Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) This training offers an overview of Deep Vein Thrombosis. Pulmonary Embolus is also discussed. This training features: A definition of DVT; Risk factors for and symptoms of DVT; Diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of DVT. (Basic) 1
The Advocacy Alliance Dementia This training offers an overview of Dementia, treatment options, and support strategies. This training features: Dementia by definition and common causes; Observable signs of Dementia; How to develop a care plan to provide care for individuals with Dementia; Ways to adapt the environment to assure safety; Differentiating between Alzheimer’s and Dementia. (Basic) 1
The Advocacy Alliance Depression This training creates an awareness of Depression and how the disorder may present in individuals with developmental disabilities. This training features: Symptoms of Depression and treatment options; Medications used to treat Depression; Medications interactions and side effects. (Intermediate) 1
The Advocacy Alliance Developmental Disabilities This training provides a comprehensive overview of Developmental Disabilities. This training features: Five types of Developmental Disabilities; The four levels of mental retardation; Person first and the disability second language; Prevalence and causes of intellectual and developmental disabilities; Diagnostic classifications and meanings related to the disabilities; Physiological and cognitive differences in individuals with intellectual disabilities. (Basic) 1
The Advocacy Alliance Diabetes This training provides an overview of Diabetes, including long-term management strategies. This training features: Anatomy and physiology of Diabetes; Risk factors, signs, and symptoms of Diabetes; Comparison of hypoglycemia with hyperglycemia; treatment and long-term management of Diabetes; Complications of Diabetes. (Basic) 1