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The Advocacy Alliance Behavioral De-escalation This training discusses Behavioral De-escalation and factors contributing to challenging behaviors. This training features: Stages of crisis; The process of assessment in Behavioral De-escalation; Appropriate interventions for each stage of crisis. (Intermediate) 1
The Advocacy Alliance Bereavement This training introduces participants to Bereavement and the grief process. This training features: The stages of accepting death; How to “break the bad news”; Ideas that can be used to assist adults with developmental disabilities experiencing the grief process. (Basic) 1
The Advocacy Alliance Bipolar Disorder This training provides participants with an overview of Bipolar Disorder. This training features: Depressive and manic symptoms; Types of Bipolar Disorders; Co-morbid conditions of the Bipolar Disorder; Medication/therapy treatment options; Manifestation of Bipolar Disorder in women, children/adolescents and older adults; Bipolar Disorder in an individuals with developmental disabilities. (Basic) 1
The Advocacy Alliance Body Mechanics & Transfer Activities This training emphasizes the importance of understanding lifting techniques and how the body performs functions of lifting. This training features: Basic anatomy of the spine and back; Consequences of poor Body Mechanics; Risk factors for musculoskeletal injuries; Principles of good Body Mechanics; Safe handling (lifts and transfers) of individuals. (Basic) 1
The Advocacy Alliance Borderline Personality Disorder This training provides participants with an overview of Personality Disorders and specifics on Borderline Personality Disorder. This training features: A general overview of Personality Disorders; Facts related to Borderline Personality Disorder; Causes, symptoms, treatment options; Best practices features and research. (Basic) 1
The Advocacy Alliance Bulimia This training provides information on an eating disorder known as Bulimia. Other eating disorders are also discussed. This training features: Criteria for the diagnosis of Bulimia; Causes and complications of Bulimia; Evaluations important in Bulimia; Treatment of Bulimia. (Basic) 1
The Advocacy Alliance Cardiovascular System: Functions, Diseases and Treatments This training provides an overview of cardiovascular disease (CVD). This training features: CVD by definition; Causes and types of CVD; Effects of CVD and risk factors; Warning signs of CVD. (Basic) 1
The Advocacy Alliance Caregiver Sensitivity This training discusses sensitivity as it pertains to caregivers working with individuals with developmental disabilities. This training feature: Types of abuse; Dynamics of an abusive relationship; Barriers to break free from abuse; The caregiver’s role in detecting and reporting abuse. (Basic) 1
The Advocacy Alliance Celiac Disease This training provides an overview of Celiac Disease and related complications. This training features: Gluten and casein by definition; Risk factors, especially in people with Down Syndrome or Autism; Symptoms, complications, screening and diagnostic limitations. (Basic) 1
The Advocacy Alliance Cerebral Palsy This training provides a general overview of Cerebral Palsy. This training features: Cerebral Palsy by definition; Causes associated with the diagnosis; Types of Cerebral Palsy; Health complications of Cerebral Palsy. Basic 1